• The Magic Pitcher

    09-11-26 Long, long ago there lived far away in India a woodcutter(伐木工,樵夫) called Subha Datta and his family, who were all very happy together. The father went every day to the forest near his home to get supplies of wood, which he sold to his neighb...

  • To buy a video 买台买录像机

    09-11-07 To Buy a Video Amos asked his mother whether they could have a video. Im afraid we cant afford one, sighed his mother. But on the following day in came Amos, staggering beneath the weight of a brand-new video. How on earth did you pay for that? gasp...

  • Mother's Hands 母亲的手(三)

    09-10-27 Someday my daughter will be standing in my place, and I will rest where my mother now sits. 总有一天我的女儿会站在这里,而我会在母亲坐的位置上休息。 Will I remember then how it felt to be both mother and daughter? Will I ask the same question one to...

  • Mother's Hands 母亲的手(二)

    09-10-27 Don't put any onions in the salad, she reminds me. You know how Daddy hates onions. 沙拉里一点洋葱也不要放,她提醒我,你知道你爸爸有多讨厌洋葱。 This time I can't answer. 这次我没有回答。 I just keep cutting. Chopping. Tearing. If only I could chop...

  • Mother's Hands 母亲的手(一)

    09-10-27 by Janie Emaus As teenagers we live in a different world from our mothers, a world where mothers hang out on the peripheries. Of course, almost everyone has one; they are unavoidable annoyances. 作为孩子,我们生活在和母亲不同的世界里,生活在一个由母...

  • Mother and child 妈妈与孩子

    09-09-29 我拿起那条链子。她用双手接过它,向前探了探身,在我的脖子后把简易的项链钩系好。然后她向后退了几步,好像在看看是否合适。我低下头看着闪闪发亮的玻璃珠和已失去光泽的金色链子,然后抬起头望着她。我很认真地轻声说道:哦,玛丽亚,这链子真漂亮。你妈妈一定会喜...

  • The Californian's tale 加州的传说

    09-09-29 她在结婚半年后回去看望她的父母,在回来的路上,也就是六月的一个星期六晚上,印第安人抓住了她。此后再也没有人看到过她。亨利疯了。他一直认为她还活着。每当六月来临时,他就认为她去看望她的父母,于是他就等待着她回来。他拿出那封信,我们来看他,他向我们朗读...

  • Complication risk for older mums 大龄母亲生育危险复杂化

    09-09-16 UK scientists have produced further evidence to suggest delaying becoming a mother may be risky. 英国科学家发现了深层次的证据证明推迟生育可能有危险。 Older women may be more at risk of complications They found women who start their periods early wer...

  • Jackson's mother granted custody 杰克逊母亲获得孩子监护权

    09-08-04 Michael Jackson's mother Katherine will become the permanent guardian of her son's three children, a Los Angeles judge has ruled. 一位洛杉矶法官裁定,Michael Jackson的母亲Katherine将成为她儿子三个孩子的永久监护人。 Jackson said in a 2002 will, he wa...

  • Precious first born: mothers admit they really do favour fir

    09-07-29 Most mothers would agree they treated the first child differently to later children. Mothers really do favour their 'precious first borns' over the children they have later, research has found. Among examples of attention lavished on the 'precious f...

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