• Ensembl计划物种基因定序成功10年

    10-04-01 Today's publication in Nature of the genetic blueprint for the zebra finch(斑胸草雀) marks 10 years of success for the Ensembl project in helping researchers to navigate the genomes of a Noah's Ark of species. Ensembl, a genome annotation(注释,...

  • 美犹他州红石公园发现新品种恐龙

    10-03-24 Utah's red rocks world-famous attractions at numerous national parks, monuments and state parks have yielded(生产,产出) a rare skeleton of a new species of plant-eating dinosaur that lived 185 million years ago and may have been buried alive by a...

  • 环保主义者:因特网威胁到珍稀物种生存

    10-03-22 The internet has emerged as one of the biggest threats to endangered species, according to conservationists who are meeting in Doha, Qatar. 正在卡塔尔首都多哈举行会议的环境?;ぢ壅咭恢氯衔?,因特网的出现成为威胁到濒危物种的最大因素之一。 Japan oppose...

  • 研究人员发现猛龙新品种迅

    10-03-22 A new species of dinosaur, a relative of the famous Velociraptor(迅猛龙) , has been discovered in Inner Mongolia by two PhD students. The exceptionally well preserved(保藏的,腌制的) dinosaur, named Linheraptor exquisitus, is the first near comp...

  • 雌性切叶蚊可储存雄性精子并停止其相互竞争

    10-03-19 Leafcutter ant queens can live for twenty years, fertilizing millions of eggs with sperm stored after a single day of sexual activity. Danish researchers who have studied ants at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama since 1992 disco...

  • 科学家发现“组织再生基因”

    10-03-16 A quest that began over a decade ago with a chance observation has reached a milestone: the identification of a gene that may regulate(调节,规定) regeneration in mammals(哺乳动物) . The absence of this single gene, called p21, confers a healing...

  • 印度需要为野生动物提供更多的生存环境

    10-03-11 A study on the past extinction of large mammals in India by the Wildlife Conservation Society, Duke University, and other groups has found that country's protected area system and human cultural tolerance for some species are key to conserving(保存...

  • DNA编码可显示害虫的分布和食谱

    10-03-10 University of Minnesota researcher George Weiblen and colleagues have found a faster way to study the spread and diet of insect pests. Using a technique called DNA barcoding, which involves the identification of species from a short DNA sequence, We...

  • 东非发现新品种变色龙

    09-11-24 A new species of chameleon(变色龙) has been discovered in Tanzania(坦桑尼亚) by a team of scientists. Dr Andrew Marshall, from the Environment Department at the University of York, first spotted the animal while surveying monkeys in the Magomber...

  • Extinction hits 'whole families' 物种灭绝涉及到“整个家族”

    09-08-10 Whole chunks of life are lost in extinction events, as related species vanish together, say scientists. 科学家发现,整个生命的盒子消失于物种灭绝事件之中,相关联的物种全部一起消失了。 The fossil record of marine bivalves dates back to the Jurassic pe...

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