• Pals for Life

    09-11-26 In 1999, Ryan Hreljac (hurl-jack) and Jimmy Akana became pen pals(笔友). They lived on two continents, thousands of miles apart. Their lives could not have been more different. Ryan lived with his family in Kemptville, Canada, while Jimmy, an orph...

  • 月球上发现“数量可观”的水源

    09-11-14 Nasa's experiment last month to find water on the Moon was a major success, US scientists have announced. 美国科学家宣布,美国航空航天局上个月寻找月球上的水源的实验取得重大胜利。 A camera on the probe shows the ejecta plume about 20 seconds after im...

  • 海洋中有多少水?

    09-11-13 The calculation of variations(变更) in the sea level is relatively simple. It is by far more complicated to then determine the change in the water mass. A team of geodesists(测地学) and oceanographers(海洋学家) from the University of Bonn, as...

  • 格陵兰冰层融化速度加快

    09-11-13 Satellite observations and a state-of-the art regional atmospheric model have independently confirmed that the Greenland ice sheet is loosing mass at an accelerating(加速的,促进的) rate, reports a new study in Science. This mass loss is equally d...

  • The formula for water 水的分子式

    09-11-07 The formula for water Teacher: What the chemical formula for water is the? Blonde: HIJKLMNO!! Teacher: What are you talking about? Blonde: Yesterday you said its H to O! 水的分子式 老师:水的分子式是什么? 花瓶:HIJKLMNO??! 老师:你在说什么? 花瓶...

  • 设想:月球上如何产生水

    09-10-30 The Moon is a big sponge(海绵) that absorbs electrically charged particles given out by the Sun. These particles interact with the oxygen present in some dust grains(颗粒) on the lunar surface, producing water. This discovery, made by the ESA-IS...

  • Lizards filmed 'walking on water' 照片:蜥蜴“在水面上行走”

    09-10-14 Remarkable slow-motion footage has been taken of two lizards that seem to do the impossible - walk on water. 两只蜥蜴被用慢镜头拍摄到似乎不可能的事情在水面行走。 A Jesus Christ lizard, filmed from above and below the water A high-definition film, sh...

  • A Useful Way 一个有效的方法

    09-09-29 Father: Jack, why do you drink so much water? Jack: I have just had an apple, Dad. Father: What's that got to do with it? Jack: I forgot to wash the apple. 爸爸:杰克,你干嘛喝这么多水呀? 杰克:我刚才吃了个苹果,爸爸。 爸爸:可是这跟喝水有什么关系...

  • Manatee meeting 邂逅海牛

    09-09-29 我想我大概永远也搞不清在那个早晨到底发生了什么。我情愿相信是那些海牛和我一起参加了一个新生命的庆祝仪式,而我则是它们邀请的客人。随着时间的流逝,这也成了我珍藏的记忆。 在那次意外的邂逅中,我感受到在这个巨大的星球上,生命之间的一种极致的和谐。这份记忆...

  • Water reform is 'needed in Asia' 亚洲需要进行用水改革

    09-08-18 Asia must reform its water use to feed 1.5 billion extra people by 2050, says a new report. 一项新调查显示,亚洲必须赶在2050年以前进行用水改革以供给新增加的15亿人口。 Asian farmers need to modernise their irrigation methods The authors warn that wit...

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