• Who is this calling?

    10-02-24 The local high school has a policy that the parents must call the school if a student is to be absent for the day. Kelly deciding to skip school(逃学,旷课) and go to the mall(购物商场,林荫路) with her friends waited until her parents had left...

  • 精算师为2010年北美最佳职业

    10-01-09 Being an actuary, calculating statistics to determine probability and risk, is the best job to have in 2010, while working on an oil rig as a roustabout is the worst, according to a study released on Tuesday. 本周二发布的一项研究报告称,2010年的最佳...

  • 美国首位变性人成为政府高官

    10-01-09 美国总统奥巴马近日任命首位变性人为为美国商务部工业安全局高级技术顾问,得到任命后,她将负责管理国际贸易、执行国际条例、提升国家发展、?;す揖眉巴绨踩?。这位名为阿曼达辛普森的变性女子原名米契尔,在上世纪90年代通过变性手术从男性变为女性。她拥有物...

  • 海外工作生活 加拿大最佳英国最差

    09-12-05 Looking to work overseas? Head to Canada, Australia or Thailand, according to an annual global survey which found recession-hit Britain was one of the worst locations to live for expatriates. 想去海外工作?那就去加拿大、澳大利亚或泰国。一项年度全球...

  • Better Relations with Asia and Creating Jobs at Home

    09-11-22 Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address Saturday, November 21, 2009 Hi. Im recording this message from Seoul, South Korea, as I finish up my first presidential trip to Asia. As we emerge from the worst recession in generations, there is not...

  • 纽约招聘公厕大使 6周挣一万

    09-11-21 美国纽约时代广场的公厕近期公开招聘公厕大使。应征者需外向、热情,一旦被录用就要在该公厕工作六周,报酬高达一万美元。公厕大使的工作职责除了与客人互动以外,还要在Twitter和Facebook等社交网站上撰写博客和评论与大家分享其工作体验。这些公厕是卫生纸制造厂商Ch...

  • 美国生物科学研究所开放阅读达尔文的文章

    09-11-09 To celebrate the 150th anniversary this month of the publication of On the Origin of Species, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) is publishing open access(通路,进入) two peer-reviewed articles about Charles Darwin and his histor...

  • 调查:美国职业女性重视自身形象

    09-10-17 An image in The devil wears Prada. Chief executive Miranda is talking with her assistant Andy who wears unsuitable clothes. Nearly all U.S. working women believe that their professional appearance is crucial to success at work. Nearly all US working...

  • Recession pulls U.S. senior citizens back to work: survey 经

    09-09-27 Eugene Salvino, 57, fills out a job application at a job fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 4, 2009. Salvino's job of 37 years was eliminated a year and a half ago and he's been unable to find a position. The worst US economic recession in...

  • Most women prefer working for men 调查:女人更愿意为男上司工

    09-08-22 Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods, a study has suggested. Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods, a study...

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